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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Adding Levers

This section describes how to add the front, left, clutch lever. The lever on the opposite side, for the front brake, is attached in exactly the same way except the vibration cap will be on the underside. That will become clearer later.

Here is the lever, with the correct pivot bolt, star washer, nut and anti-vibration spring and cap.

First, insert the end of the inner clutch cable in to the lever slot.

Now grease up the lever pivot area uipper and lower.

Push the lever in a little way, which will also push in the inner cable. With the lever in the position below, place the anti-vibration cap and spring in to the retaining hole. The grease will help it to stay in place.

Depress the cap with your thumb as you continue to push the lever in to it's final position...

 that the hole in the lever and the hole in the housing line up.

Now push the pivot bolt through from the top...

...then underneath, place on the star washer as shown and finally, the nut.
You can tighten this fully as the lever will always oprate on the smooth shaft of the pivot bolt.


Now do the same for the front brake lever on the other side, noting that the hole for the anti-vibration cap will this time be on the underside. So the job is slightly more tricky.