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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Choosing your Lambretta

This blog, being about restoring Lambretta scooters, assumes you have already made a purchase or are considering doing so. If you are still considering buying, you will find a good source of help with your decisions here:

Within the LCGB web site, you will find advice on buying, authenticating and registering your Lambretta. Some of these points, we will touch on later for those attempting a restoration, or dealing with an imported Lambretta  for the first time.

By joining the LCGB and getting to know a few local dealers, you can get advice on any aspect of Lambretta work and running. One thing you should not be put off by, is the first appearance of any scooter you are considering buying. If you can find a fairly straight and complete Lambretta, the condition is almost unimportant (within reason). If you are unsure, get advice or even better, take someone with you before you part with your money.

The majority of the work required to strip down and re-build a Lambretta can be carried out at home, although there are a few jobs we will cover later that require specialist tools. What standard you build your Lambretta to is up to you and of course, your budget. Even if you are carrying out a small amount of work yourself to ensure your Lambretta is safe and legal, this blog should certainly help.

I hope you enjoy it as much as i am looking forward to it.

Paul Slack