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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Fitting Tyres and Rear hub

Our newly painted rims look superb but there is a little overspray on the threads of the studs, which were partially protected using old nuts. remove any paint from teh threads using a die to cut it away and wind by hand.

Our new tyres are Continental White Walls.

If your tyres have a direction sign, make sure it is pointing the correct way and work to the left (nearside) of the scooter. First thing to do is push in the innertube with the valve facing toward you. You may wish to dust the tube with talcum powder to help it not stick to the inside of the tyre in use.

Next, inflate the tyre just a little so that the tube is not sagging in to the centre of the wheel where the rims are going to go.

Offer the rim up to the valve at an angle and wrk it on to the valve stem by lowering the opposite side of the rim.

Flip the wheel over and press in the opposite rim, so that the studs line up with the holes and push them through if possible. Sometimes, a little washing up liquid helps along the rim and tyre edge to maneouvre them around. Flip it back over and pop on 4 flat washers and 4 nyloc 13mm nuts. Original nuts were not nyloc. Do not tighten just yet.

Check carefully that the innertube is not being pinched by the rims and if you are happy it is clear, tighten fully.

Clear any paint covered threads on the rear hub and check inside for any grease where the brake pads will run. Make sure it is clean and free from grease at all costs.

Offer the hub to the rim and use 4 flat washers and 4 13mm domes nuts to tighten.

Do NOT inflate the tyre yet.

With the tyre deflated, it is easier to get the rear wheel and hub in to position and past the mudguard and rear sidepanel clip. It's quite a tight fit anyway.

Turn the wheel back and forth until the rear hub slips on to the splines of the shaft shown below.

With the rear hub in position, place on a wavy washer and the rear hub nut. Tighten fully to 120lbs-ft of torque. VERY TIGHT.

Now place the locking washer over the hub nut and tighten a little more if required to get the nearest hole in the washer to line up with a hole in the hub. When it does, tighten in the lock washer grub screw with an allen key.

Now inflate the rear tyre to 30lbs pressure.