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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Adding sidepanel handles and badges

Check first of all that the panels actually fit. It isn't unusual for them to get a little out of shape whilst being worked on in prep for paint. Especially if repairs have had to be made.

Put grease on the shaft of the panel roller.

Place on a wavy washer.

Push the roller under the clip inside the frame as if the legshields were fitted for use. The portion sticking out of the side panel should now look like the image below.

If it doesn't and is pointing in the wrong direction entirely, you have used the wrong roller. Swap them over.

The panel handle has a hole for the bolt on one side only. This faces downward.

The correct grub screw and star washer hold the handle on to the roller shaft.

Like so.

If you are lucky, your painter will be educated enough to have left the holes for your badges visible. They may need to be cleaned out a little, we used a rivet, but if yours are fairly blocked, use a drill in a Dremmel.

Pop all the badge studs through the panel.

And tape it down.

Now either put the panel on it's side or face down and get help for this bit.

You need to have a hard rubber mallet pressed against the badge over the area of the stud you are working on. Press fairly hard against the badge and tap ofer the stud. You don't need to hit hard as the stud alloy is quite soft.

Move the mallet to the correct position under the next stud, and work along like that.

Until they are all peined over like this.