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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Stripping the Disc. Prep for paint

This is the bit I'm looking forward to least. Lets get started getting rid of the original factory primer. I'm going to use this paint stripper, applied with a brush. It's pretty gloopy stuff so it has to be forced into all the tight areas and left to work for about 15 minutes.

You can see it working straight away. Hopefully, this is going to go well.

After waiting, I set about it with a small wire brush. It's hard to get in to some places and it's beginning to be obvious it hasn't penetrated all the old paint.

This is what it looked like after the SECOND coat and about one hour of scrubbing.

Finally, after coat 3 I'm getting somewhere. There are bits of detail I have to get out with wire wool but it has finally come off and is beginning to look alright.

A bath is hot soapy water cleans off most of the paint stripper and yet more rubbing with wire wool to get into all the little corners.

Now I am going to finally get the last few bits off by hand and clean the whole hub with alcohol.

I am running a bolt over the threads just to clean them up and a tap into the holes for the speedo and grease nipple. Then I can mask up the important areas.

I'm not going to paint the internal surfaces because they were never painted originally, but I do want to cover up the pins for the disc and all the channels for the bearings and seals etc. to protect them from overspray and save me cleaning it all off again later.

This is the etch primer I'm using just to get a protective coat quickly on the metal. I'm worried about leaving it overnight with no protection. All the primers and paints used on this are from Lambretta Paints Ltd.

And with that done, I will leave it overnight to dry. The intention is to flat it tomorrow and apply a coat of undercoat primer when ready. These pictures show the etch primer still wet. It is now drying and looks a lot smoother as well as being matt in finish.

I'm getting there.

Just a few things worth mentioning. When rubbing off the paint stripper with a wire brush, it flicks everywhere. Try not to let bits get in your eyes!!! Also, when it lands on your skin, it tends to feel a bit like a wasp stinging you with some nettles. I must remember to wear goggles and gloves next time.

Anyway. Hopefully more tomorrow.