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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Legshield cable ties

Now that the cables are secured at the engine, we can work forward with the cable ties along the frame tube, working forward.

The next tie goes in the position show, with the throttle cable sweeping over the frame and being uppermost of the 4 cables shown below. Next down is the clutch cable and then 1st gear cable and lastly 2,3,4, gear cable.

Next tie goes here. We see the throttle cable to the left and the clutch cable to the right. The two gear cables sweep under the front of the frame and pass to the left side of the scooter to go up toward the gear change roller.

The cable you see to the right of the picture is the front brake cable. This cable goes down the left hand side of the fork tube and behind the gear cables. It sweeps under the frame where shown and passes over the fork in to the retainer clip on top of the fork "U".

With all the cables installed, add the last tie here. This one should NOT be made too tight as the cables all need to be able to move around a little during normal use of the vehicle.

Fine adjustments to the position of the cables can all be made once the headset bottom is attached. We will cover the whole routing again later in more detail.