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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sneak preview of the paint

As promised, I have called in at Armandos Scooters of Sheffield today to collect the painted scooter.

She was waiting for me on the bench as I went in to the front of the shop and I have to say I am stunned by the quality of the paintwork. Tony, the guy they use for paint and a personal mate of mine has done it again. His work is spot on and the colours on this are exactly what it needed.

I had a brief look over the painted parts and am really impressed with the smoothness of the finish and the high gloss in the new scheme. A lot of work has gone in to the preparation and as any sprayer will tell you, that's a big percentage of the finish.

The colours were chosen specifically to suit the model year and whoever ends up owning this scooter is definitely going to get noticed. I'll post details of the specific colours used later.

Anyway, later next week, I'll be going back to start putting together the parts required to rebuild the scooter and continuing the blog then. For now, here's a taster of the painted parts to give a hint of how the finished project is going to look.

A mock up shot with flash.

And the same shot without flash. Trying to show the colour as best possible.

The little marks are glue from tape that was holding on protective sheets. I'll clean them off later. Still, my name on the frame indicates that I collected the right one at least. Scooter is going to be offered to LCGB members first when it is completed. Has it got YOUR name on it?

Doesn't the combination look good?

It's really hard to show how flat and smooth the paint is and demonstrate how deep the finish is. That window in the reflection is at least 15 feet away.

Every single part is painted with the same care and is just as perfect.

Even the underside and inside of everything is 100% spot on.

How's that for a quality finish?