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Sunday, August 23, 2020

One 1963 Innocenti Lambretta Li 125cc











My thanks to Giulio from Armandos, who delivered my project for me and this is how it arrived. I'm sure you are remembering that day or looking forward to the one when yours turns up to your door.













I am a firm believer that Lambretta scooters should be preserved. That means trying to leave them as they came out of the factory as much as possible. A Lambretta can only be original once and it seems to me to be a shame to take one apart and paint it when it really only needs to be cleaned up and enjoyed.

This scooter has gone beyond that stage unfortunately. There is no way a little TLC would see this back to a roadworthy condition. For this scooter, a second lease of life means taking it apart. Every nut and bolt. Cleaned, blasted, prepped, painted and any damaged parts replaced or refurbished.










 First appearances are a little frightening, but that is only a very thin layer of surface rust. All the panels are there and most of the scooter appears to be pretty solid. Certainly, the frame is in good condition under all those years of grime.










The original colour is going to be retained, we can source the paint from suppliers, who even today, provide the exact same paints as were provided for the Innocenti factory when these scooters were rolling off the production line. I will describe how to find the colour of YOUR scooter and how to get it later.










Hopefully, next time we see this Lambretta with all it's panels on etc, it will be just as it was, the day it left the factory. Here is a last look at a scooter that represents one of the most popular models Innocenti ever made.