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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Taking an accurate frame rubbing

 If you own a scooter that is already registered in the UK, you can ignore this information.

If however, you have either imported a scooter or have one that has not yet been registered in the UK, you MUST complete the following in order to authenticate and register your machine for legal use on UK roads.

Firstly, in the position indicated below, you should clean the area where you will find the vehicles unique chassis number. This consists of a series of logos, letters and numbers that specifically identify your machine, the make, model and year it was made. That's the year it was MANUFACTURED, not first registered.

Here you can see the area around the frame number of my machine has been cleaned in preparation. I have wrapped tape around the last 3 digits of the frame number for security reasons in these pictures. This stops anyone wanting to clone this vehicle from having the complete set of figures. you do not need to do this.


This is how your chassis numbers should look. Crisp, clear and with well defined lines. If there are no numbers or they look bodged, hidden or damaged in any attempt to disguise them, ask for advice before purchasing or proceeding with your restoration.

Go here for contact details:
This is the home page of the Lambretta club of Great Britain, and they will assist you with any enquiries regarding authenticating and registering your scooter.

Notice also on this particular model, the IGM number, which was required by Italian law for this model. Other models in the range have different digits here or even none at all.

Then, place a piece of paper over the frame number and IGM number and using a broad PENCIL, make a rubbing all in one go. that means get the whole set of numbers complete on one piece of paper. It should look something like this when I started mine.

Now you have your Frame Rubbing, go here for further details:

On the LCGB web site, you will find everything you need to know to get your machine registered for use in the UK and it is normally a simple process. After this, they should issue your scooter and age related registration number and authorise plates to be made

You MUST then inform your insurers of the number plate of the vehicle to replace the insurance docs being used with your chassis number. they usually allow you a month to do this but vary from company to company.

It is all usually very straight forward.

Good luck.