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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Adding factory water slides

At the time of manufacture, all Li models imported to the UK would have been fitted with 3 waterslides. One with running in instructions on the inside legshiels, one with air filter cleaning instructions on the air filter elbow and a final one on the right hand side of the tool box for battery care.

It was a legal requirement that all scooters used in the UK had a parking light at this time and therefor, all models exported to the UK had a battery tray and battery as standard equipment.

As this model was made for the Italian market, no battery tray was fitted and thus, we only require two of the water slides.

Here is the 'running-in' water slide. First, remove the opaque cover from the front of it.

Then soak in water for around 30 seconds.

Turn it over carefully and soak for a further 30 seconds on the other side.

VERY carefully, push the slide upward and off the backing sheet and lay this exposed edge on to the scooter in the position shown.

Then, slowly slide the backing from the transfer as opposed to the other way around. Gently hold the transfer in place, whilst pulling the backing from underneath.

With a very soft clean cloth, carefully dab any excess water from the slide and press out any air bubbles. Minor wrinkles can be left as these will dry out and vanish by thenselves.

I personally think this is a nice addition to a factory restoration and really looks the part.

Soak the air filter slide as previous.

And apply where shown.