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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Install steering lock

The steering lock is definitely one of those jobs that is best done on the bench whilst the headset is off the scooter. Adding it now is a little more tricky, but because we didn't have the parts at the appropriate time, we have no choice but to do it now.

The lock fits in the hole to the right of the green wire you can see in the pic below.

Here is the actual plunger, spring, grub screw and cap to fit the lock.

Make sure the hole for the punger as shown above is clear of paint and that the plunger actually goes up and down in it smoothly. Grease the plunger and spring and offer them in to the hole.

The plunger should drop in to the hole and spring back up because of resistance on the spring.

Below, it is fitted and a glob of grease is added to the upper surface of the plunger.

The lock itself can only be inserted one way and the giveaway is this hole drilled in to the body of it. This indicated the barrel of the lock which goes uppermost.

Turn the key, so that the lock is OFF. This is indicated by the rounded part of the lock arm being uppermost and adjascent to the hole in the barrel.

 The shot above, shows the lock in "locked" position. Turn it off to insert the barrel in to the hole in the headset.

Push the key and lock barrel in to the headset whilst pushing down the plunger with a screwdriver until the barrel will go no further. You may need to turn the barrel one way or the other until the hole in the barrel can be seen through the threaded hole for the grubscrew which holds the barrel in place.

When they do line up, insert and tighten the grub screw.

This simply stops the barrel rotating when you turn the key.

Check the lock to ensure it works properly by turning the steering to one side or the other and putting the key to ON position. The steering should be locked. Now push in the alloy protective dust cap over the plunger. Job done.