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Sunday, August 23, 2020

One restored Lambretta

 Well, just to keep everyone up to date with the story.

My father and I went in to the garage at 10am this morning to finalise a few bits and bobs on our restoration project. First job was to ensure we snagged her properly, so we went over the earth fixings and made sure they were correct. Then, we added our new rear seat catch, which I collected the previous day. Then, it was time to fire her up. She started on the second kick.

However, when running, we had no headlight or speedo light. This was fixed because I'd pushed the bullet connectors in the headset at the wrong sides of the main bulb connections and forgotten an earth to the headlight rim. With these issues addressed, everything worked perfectly.

I took the scooter for a short run in the freezing cold and she ran well, with all the brakes working perfectly as well as selecting gears properly.

This stunning Lambretta was complete. We spent the next few minutes giving her a final polish and congratulating ourselves. Once again, I'd like to thank my dad, who has turned up almost every week to help complete this restoration.

Here are a couple of pics of him on our finished Lambretta:

I will be calling Armandos Scooters in Sheffield, to arrange for them to collect the scooter next weekend, where it will be given a final check at the shop. She will also get her number plate and MOT Test Certificate.

Remember, that this scooter has been restored almost with money no object. Almost all of the parts are factory original and in many cases are vary rare indeed. The engine internals are brand new and all the nuts and bolts have been replaced with exact, or very good match for those that would have been put there by Innocenti. The scooter will come with a warranty to back up our assurance that this is a quality machine.

We are convinced that the new owner will enjoy many, many happy years of ownership. The purchasor will also be given the certificate of proof this is the restoration scooter as we will sign it off with them on collection.

This Lambretta is SOLD.









This is not the end of the restoration blog. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Paul Slack