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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Rear Light/Housing removal

To remove the rear light reflector, simply undo the two screws securing it in position. If it has any sign of damage, discard it. Replacements are readily available.

The housing itself, is secured with two threaded studs that are fixed to the housing and then inserted through the frame canopy through two locating holes. Below, you can see the nut in position, holding the housing in place.
These are 2 x 10mm nuts, each with a split washer.

Pull away the sealing gasket from behind the lens (once removed) and proceed to undo the two fixing nuts from the underside of the canopy.

NOTICE: When removing the fixing nut on the kickstart side, THIS is where your Earth Wire is attached, using a ring washer that travels through the hole at the rear of the scooter and earths the rear light unit. When replacing, fit the earth wire first, then the washer, then attach the nut.

When both nuts are undone, you can ease away the housing from the frame and remove the bullet connector wires.  You can just make out the black, earth wire dead below the pink and green wire from the loom to the bulb.

Now you can remove the grey light housing gasket.

IMPORTANT. Do not at any point disturb or remove any of the wiring unless you absolutely have to. This can be removed much later and a series of pictures taken to illustrate exactly how it is all routed correctly. There is no need to remove any of it at this point.

This is what should be cast in to your light housing.
15.135.580 CARELLO

Note the line through the part number is NOT light. That's where the paint stops.

 Here is the moulded part number from the gasket.